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9/17/2010 :  

GSE announces R-SBP100 Clean energy 100 GPM Traffic powered  "Bump Pump" :No Fuel Required

US based GSE, Gravitational Systems Engineering, announces a rugged traffic powered pump, which can be easily deployed and requires no fuel. The R-SBP100 is an entry level product designed for use by road construction crews.  The 100 GPM capacity and the rugged construction, from recycled tires, make this unit a strong competitor to portable 10 Hp dewatering, slurry, and light trash pumps.    The durable easily setup pump, will also calm traffic, increasing worker and motorist safety, while making the work site safer by minimizing production fuel requirements..  GSE has been perfecting this technology since 1998,  GSE pumps and compressors will give you years of low maintenance, and low cost operation.
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