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Traffic Vibration powered Electricity Generators

GSE surface mounted R-series unit

V-series vehicle systems are available in either elevated or underground models.   Elevated models are designed to be mounted on existing applications structures such as;

Light poles Concrete
utility poles
Telco towers
Bridges Metal utility poles Traffic cameras
Security poles Garage walls Stand-alone mounts

V-series models are designed to harvest the latent energy of vehicle traffic generated vibration.   Their output depends upon traffic characteristics.  The relevant characteristics include;

Characteristic Impact Contribution
Average vehicle weight aVW High 10-30%
Average vehicle speed aVS High 10-50%
Average traffic density aTD High 5-50%
Roadway surface Medium 5-20%
Low 5-10%

Elevated and surface mounted units are also available for retail stocking, minimum orders apply but units can be mixed to satisfy minimums.   Various retail stock packages are listed in the prices section.

GSE V-series units are based upon 7 different patent pending vibration converter designs.   To maximize the efficiency of the generation process, GSE designs are optimized for roadway type, indoor, outdoor, high aVS, high aVW, and high or low aTD.  Please use the engineering RFQ form for the correct match for your application.

V-series internals


Each unit has the capacity for internal storage, (optional), or the units can be attached to most conventional batteries.  We offer a variety of battery options to suit your application.  Battery options include lead-acid, nickel metal hydride and lithium ion, each correctly matched to the output characteristics of the unit.

Elevated units are most effective when mounted at the optimum vibration point on a rigid pole. Poles can be constructed of metal, concrete, or other rigid materials.  Elevated units will also operate when attached to flexible poles, such as wooden utility poles, however the effectiveness of the units are diminished significantly.

Surface mounted units: are designed to be mounted either on a user supplied 1.5" metal pole, or sunk concrete base, which has an underground depth at least as deep as the roadway surface.  A concrete base is recommended for surface mounted units.

Underground units:  can be mounted in rigid pipes 6-12" below the roadway surface.  Deeper installations are possible, however some efficiency is lost below 12" depths.   These units can be wired serially or in parallel according to the application.

They are designed for maintenance free operation, and as long as the integrity of the enclosing piping is maintained they will not need to be replaced for many years.  All GSE V-series units are constructed of non-reactive metals and plastics, they are also self lubricating. MDSD form are available on request.

Rougher roadways will generate greater charges from all classes of GSE V-series devices.  If the roadway is featureless then the usage of rumble strips or other roadway surface roughing methods may provide greater efficiency.  Passive vibration transmitters can also be added to the roadway to enhance the transfer of vehicle traffic vibration to the V-series harvesting equipment.

Vibration Meter and Data Logger. Measures vibration levels in machinery by measuring velocity and acceleration. Frequency range meets ISO 2954 standards. Unique vibration sensor with magnetic base. RMS, Peak hold, and minimum/maximum record. Metric or Imperial measurement units. Real time data logger with integral 2GB SD memory card (optional). Just plug the SD card into the computer and it downloads directly to excel. RS-232 and USB computer interface. Easy to read LCD with backlight. Auto or manual power off. Includes vibration sensor with cable, magnetic base and hard carrying case. Velocity Range: 0.5 to 199.9 mm/s; 0.05 to 19.99 cm/s; 0.02 to 7.87 in/s. Resolution: 0.1 mm/s; 0.01 cm/s; 0.01 in/s. Accuracy: +/-(5 percent + 2 digit). Acceleration Range: 0.5 to 199.9 m/s2; 0.05 to 20.39 g; 2 to 656ft/s2. Resolution: 0.1m/s2; 0.01 g; 1 ft/s2. Accuracy: +/-(5 percent + 2 digit). Auto sampling time: 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60, 120, 300, 600, 1800, 3600 seconds. Memory Card: SD memory card, 1 GB to 16 GB. Data output: USB/RS232 pc computer interface. Power supply: 6 x 1.5V UM3/AA batteries. Measures 76mm width by 203mm height by 38mm depth; 37 length by 16mm diameter probe and 1.2 meter cable length.
GSE also offers both site testing services and monitoring equipment.  Our engineers will come to your site to monitor the potentials of various placement sites for our V-series devices.  Please contact our engineering services department to get a site survey quote, or complete an engineering RFQ and we will be in contact to arrange the survey.

Alternatively your engineers can purchase the site monitoring package, which includes a logging vibration monitor and a data review by GSE engineering staff which will generate a feasibility report.












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