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Traffic driven solutions to various toll booth challenges,

Busy roadways, runways and parking lots, can maintain their own normal temperature  profiles with the combination of GSE R-Series compressors and pumps linked to embedded geothermal ground  loops.

The GSE R-series devices are driven by passing traffic to circulate a thermal maintenance fluid, salt saturated water, through the roadway surface and through the normalizing geothermal ground loops.

The unwavering stability of the earths' temperature, under the frost line, will be mirrored in the roadway surfaces.  This will remove ice  & snow during cold periods, while maintaining optimum roadway temperatures during hot periods.  The thermal normalization of the roadway will increase safety, by deicing, and significantly reduce maintenance costs due to heat expansion.

The direct incorporation of dynamic fluid mass and  flow into  large bridges, can improve structural stability during extreme environmental circumstances, (i.e. high wind, long hot periods, exceptional loading, tremors, and earthquakes)

GSE R-series Speed Sponges  can also increase roadway safety by imposing and exponential decay(targeting vehicles by inertial profile) on traffic.  The decay (speed reduction), is  based upon vehicle inertia (weight * speed), and is controllable by manual or sensor (radar, thermostat,  anemometers,  or congestion sensors) operation. 

These devices  can eliminate, or reduce the severity of, accidents on entryways to controlled sections such as  bridges , weight stations and toll plazas.

In sections which do not have reasonable access to ground loops, GSE R-series compressors can be employed  to generate heat and pneumatic power (compressed air) for roadway appliances, i.e. barriers and Bascule lifts, and signage. The energy generated by the GSE R-series compressors can alternatively be used to supply electricity for conductive concrete structures.

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