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Flood control
G-Bag:  Gravity bags designed for breech filling in active water environments.  G-bags are available in 4 capacities, and each capacity series can be equipped with either a depth or time based activator.  Depth activators can be programmed to activate at a continuous range of external water pressures.   Time activators can be programmed to activate based upon a pre-set timer.

The G-bag principle is to provide;

1.  Robotic activation:  The devices can be pre-deployed to reach automatically to changing conditions.

2. Mass expansion from local resources: G-bags can increase their mass as much as 1000:1 using the static mass of a targeted fluid, such as flood waters.  One car or container load could protect an entire small town.

G-bags are designed to be easily transported, or stored.  The principle design feature is that a G-bag is a ballast-able, evacuated, bladder composed of multi-layered Kevlar, which when deployed will be activated at a key depth.  Once deployed and activated the G-bag will automatically fill with water and therefore be strategically held in position by gravity.

G-bag activators are simple and highly reliable.  Depth [pressure] activators depending on applications can be set at the factory or in the field.   For most deep water applications, (below 100 ft), the activator is a simply a tight plug that will naturally compress, by water pressure, at the target depth [pressure].  Submersion, and timed activators are also available.

G-bags are designed to replace other methods of fluid flow management such as sand bags, cofferdams, etc.  However G-bags provide significant advantages over many other methods in that they are fluid ballasted, and can therefore be ballasted as needed at the construction site.  G-bags also allow for strategic automatic ballasting, which is useful in breeching in active environments.  The fluid ballasting also facilitates quick, easy and environmentally sound de-ballasting so that G-bags can be easily removed once tasks are completed.

The G-bag design also facilitates accurate placement via tethers or robotic vehicles.   

Shell materials options include bio-degradable  plastics, reusable plastics, and e-glass fiber.
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