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R-Series: Vehicle Traffic Systems : Surface Mounted Compressor/Vacuum  


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Function Compressor
Format Surface Mounted
Mode Temporary
or semi-permanent
Materials Recycle tires, steel, plastics
Sub-Type Bumps

Pricing Conditions
  • 6 units minimum
  • 7-20 units 10% discount
  • 21-100 units  25% discount
  • 101+ units 33% discount

Speed Bump Compressors


Specification notes:

1. These are typical or suggested configurations.  A wide variety of configurations are available in response to specific needs. 

2. A storage tank is required for continuous operations.

3. CFM depends on various traffic metrics; (i.e. flow rates, vehicle type, vehicle speed.)

4. Models configured for automotive and truck traffic.  Aircraft, train, and tracked vehicle configurations also available.

Technical Specifications General Specifications
Description Physical Dimensions Capacities
Entry level surface mounted single lane speed bump compressor unit.  Designed for rapid deployment, and years of operation.   This unit will provide sufficient supplies of compressed air to operate most common air tools with light to medium traffic flows.
  • 6' long x 12" wide x 2.25" tall
  • approximately 95 lbs. each
  • Shipping weight 105 Lbs

  • Max 1 CF  per vehicle
  • Max PSI 800
  • Equivalence: 10 Hp
  • 500-800 vehicles per hour
  • 100,000 vehicles life span

Technical Specifications  
Description Physical Dimensions Capacities
Mid-level surface mounted unit designed for extended operation, or semi-permanent installations.  The R-SBC200 has a modular design that allows for multi-lane deployments. 
  • 6' - 18' long x 12" wide x 2.25" tall  [modular]
  • approximately 115 lbs. each
  • Shipping weight 125 lbs
  • Max 3 CF per vehicle
  • Equivalence: 30 Hp
  • 500-800 vehicles per hour
  • 150,000 vehicles life span

Technical Specifications
Description Physical Dimensions Capacities
Designed for semi-permanent installations.  This surface mounted unit can be directly incorporated in new roadway construction.  ideal for use at toll plazas.


  • 6' -36' long x 12" wide x 2.25" - 4.5"tall  [Custom]
  • approximately 160 lbs. each 6' section
  • Shipping weight: 185 lbs
  • Max 9 CF per vehicle
  • Equivalence:  50 Hp
  • 500-800 vehicles per hour
  • 250,000 vehicles life span

Surface Models Diagram

Embedded Models Diagram

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