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GSE  Municipal Application Packages



MWSLSA: Municipal Water System Lift Station Array:
50 Horsepower : 4 lanes: Average Speed 25 Mph.
Max Flow Range: 1200 gpm
($.35 per m3 versus $1.50 per m3 California 2010)
$176,500.00 - Quantity:

MWSLSA: Package Includes;
Part Qty..
R-SHC300 24
R-SHC600 8
Works with  existing towers, maximum lift 120 ft.
Shipping Wt. 15,300 lbs


MWSDA: Municipal Water System Desalinator Array:
($.22 per m3 versus $.49 m3 Singapore 2006)
250 Horsepower : 4 lanes: Average Speed 50 Mph
$322,000.00 - Quantity:

MWSDA: Package Includes;
Part Qty..
R-SHC100 48
R-SHC300 12
R-SHC600 8
Desalination Unit
Not included in
Package  Price.
Turnkey: $32,000
Plans alone: $1,200
Shipping Wt. 19,400 lbs

GSE: Traffic driven desalination system
ADCA: Aquifer De-Contamination Array:

250 Horsepower : 4 lanes: Average Speed 50 Mph
$322,000.00 - Quantity:
ADCA: Package Includes;
Part Qty..
R-SHC100 48
R-SHC300 12
R-SHC600 8
Extensive underground piping not included in package cost 
Shipping Wt. 19,400 lbs
Aquiferde-contamination via traffic power

DRDA: Drought Relief & De-salination Array:
($.02 - .09 per m3 versus no exemplar)
1,500 Horsepower : 4 lanes: 1 mile : Average Speed 50 Mph
$2,125,000.00 - Quantity:

Year 1
DRDA: Package Includes;
Part Qty..
R-SCC1000 48
R-SCC800 12
R-SHC600 8
Shipping Wt. ??? lbs

Reference documents;

Desalination via regional evaporation International Desalination Association
GSE: Traffic driven desalination system
Drought abatement desalination tower
Simple Salt Marsh Feeder
Year 5
Year 15
Year 20


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Notes: Shipping  costs & schedules: Many of these GSE application packages are available for immediate 7-10 day shipment.    You will be notified with tracking information when your packages ship.  Shipping crates are provide by Alacrity services.

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