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Dense Energy for Environmental Solutions!
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Human knowledge is sufficient solve many of the our worlds problems.  Climate change, drought, air pollution, water distribution, and safe surface travel are all solved problems.  Why do these conditions persist, why do millions suffer and die?  Energy is the challenge, more specifically the dual challenges are energy costs and energy density.

GSE markets industrial fluid pumps, gas compressors and crash management devices based upon our simple durable and highly scalable Clean-Tech PEC design [Pressure Energy Conversion]. GSE devices provide dense reliable power.  Dense, distributed power can make the impossible possible.

One of our primary targets is the 110 TWh world wide market for stationary outside lighting. Our long term target is the 11110 TWh climate maintenance market.
Brief technical abstract:
Our technology is municipal and military in scale, it is based upon a new paradigm of physics ; Kinetic energy is proportional to change, and Potential energy is proportional to difference. This perspective is a portal which underlies many existing energy technologies based upon DSE [dynamic state energy] including; solar, wind, hydro and geothermal. We have developed a new practical DSE "PEC" [Pressure to Energy Conversion] based upon gravity or inertia.
We are seeking long term equity partners for both manufacturing and short horizon applied R&D support (2-4 years). Our business plan supports medium term investments up to $20,000,000,00 USD, and is available now.

A few ventures and academic programs, in India, UK, and US, have been started based upon our initial 2001 designs, one has already been listed on NASDAQ. The IPO market is ready for inertial power generation! GSE is the intellectual and passion base of the concept, and we have continued to develop this technology to become both practical and potentially fabulously profitable. We offer both market ready and engineered solutions, and within 2-3 years of venture funding we will be able to offer pourable solutions that will truly revolutionize road construction around the globe.      
Please, take a moment and review our products, and offer us any advice as to how we can interest your colleagues and other area investors.         

Gravitational Systems Engineering




No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with a searching but at the same time a steady eye.
Winston Churchill


File:Lorenz attractor yb.svg 



The primary global energy challenge for the next 50 years is effectiveness.  


"Minimal requirements from  tough sources." 


Dense, distributed, demand driven, grid independent, EMP resistant, base energy is what GSE can provide.  GSE can enhance the security and reliability of national energy infrastructure and provide a greater level of independence from local, regional, national and international energy supplies!


The unique cost, power density, and distributive profile of GSE devices and technologies, relative to non-renewable and most renewable energy sources, provide unprecedented opportunities.  Many large scale environmental applications, such as drought and air pollution mitigation, which are considered as economically infeasible, are possible and cost effective.


 ... effective energy for a dynamic future!



Definition: DSE Dynamic State Energy: energy derived from non-destructive state transitions.



DSEs the future and the past? : DSE tutorial


Dynamic State Energy [DSE] technologies are both our past and our future!  DSEs are our most reliable energy sources, wind, solar and gravity.  DSE technologies include; mass momentum for weapons and transport, fluid momentum for transport and energy, atmospheric momentum for agriculture and energy, solar radiation for agriculture, warmth, and energy.  If we include relative mass energy technologies, such as evaporative desalination and heat pumps, we can also include static mass for stable structures, in our list of DSE technologies exploited by mankind.   Long before man discovered fire, he discovered mass momentum, fluid momentum, and shelter.


There is nothing permanent except change. -Heraclitus



Energy values are steadily increasing due to growing international demand, supply costs, distribution costs and environmental impacts.  Energy grids around the globe face endless expansions leading to increasingly chaotic vulnerabilities.  


Energy effectiveness is determined through a complex set of equations with direct and indirect generation costs, distribution costs, political costs, various terms of reliability and feasibility.


Increasing demands for energy effectiveness are evident in the growing popularity of diverse energy effective systems such as solar light bulbs, LEDs, and even regenerative braking systems..  Grid nightmare from Delhi streets


As energy effectiveness increases in value, steady local DSE technologies are competitive with even the most robust grid and local fuel sources. 


Experts forecast the rising value & effectiveness of non-fuel energy sources as the atmosphere becomes increasingly energetic as a result of mankind's projected failure to curb global warming.

The Predictioneer's Game: Using the Logic of Brazen Self-Interest to See and Shape the Future 

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita


Mankind has been seduced by abundant fuel.  Seduced into substituting power for ingenuity.  Vehicles which consume in seconds fuel that nature required millennia to create. Continuous lighting for occasional traffic, while consuming million of tons of exhaustible fossil resources.  


We need to learn to use our energy sources on demand, and with the most effective methods.


Fuel has two parents, a strong pushy father ,the sun,  and a tender clingy mother, the earth.   Both are necessary for the formation of all known fuel sources.   Solar and wind energy technologies have de-coupled useable solar radiation from fuel.    Now GSE has decoupled gravity from fuel as well.  Hydro and wind are forms of gravitational energy, now there is a third option.  GSE has developed the methods to collect and concentrate gravity with durable, inexpensive devices and construction methods.



Fuel based energy gives us spiraling costs, economic vulnerabilities, and ecological despair for the future.  Our industrial revolution mistress, flashy fuel, demands more and more, and yet we know one day she will abandon us to barren fields, frigid darkness and psychotic dreams implemented as energy grids.!



Does GSE DSE technology represent a paradigm shift a “game changer”?


Figure 1 Change potentials are contextual


GSE DSE technologies are a bridge between Newtonian and quantum realms.   Our technologies will change the world in many predictable, but many more unpredictable measures.


The theoretical basis of our technologies is summarized as follows;


Ek:∆ and Ep:[S1-S2]  Thermodynamic overview: “Kinetic energy (Ke) is proportional to a change. [the heat that can be extracted from a system is proportional to the difference between state1 and state2]    A change can include pressure, polarity, frequency, scale, etc. 


Potential energy (Ep ) is proportional to difference [S1-S2]  .  Ep: ∆p  [the heat that can potentially be extracted from a system is proportional to a contextual limit of change: e.g. combustion vs fission].


Change potentials are contextual.”. The Newtonian concept of potential energy, “potential energy is stored energy, i.e. spring compression, or lifting”, is incomplete. As comically depicted in Figure 1: potential energy is  also contextual.  In the quantum realm, it is understood that matter and energy are perspectives, and that classical views of energy are inadequate.

Energy is dynamism; energy is a state of matter relative to context.    Each car on the freeway, traveling at 45 mph dissipates about 15 watts of energy into the road surface each half tire rotation as compression or heat.   Each truck dissipates about 200 watts per quarter tire rotation.  A short 30 foot PEC section, which vehicles would pass in less than one second, will conservatively generate 300 watts from each car and 6 kw from each truck.  With GSE DSE technologies built into the roadway this wattage will power street lamps, signage, water pumps, or even entire cities.    


Properly configured, during a D.C. rush hour, the traffic on one mile of roadway could power hundreds of homes in real time, or power street lamps and electronic signs for miles.  The traffic at one high volume toll plaza can generate a steady 2 kilowatts of electrical power during rush hour.

In the medium-term GSE DSE captured energy could power electric vehicle recharge stations.  Long term this same energy could be automatically returned to the vehicles via induction.




“He replied is there real energy going into the road? ..... When a car runs over a small animal, the energy is dissipated into the animal’s body is apodictic.”


Roadway vibration and compression are costly considerations in roadway construction, maintenance and safety.  Companies like Tensar international specialize in providing substrates to mitigate this energy.  Roadways distribute most energy, from dynamic compressions, in a synchronous half-egg around the point of contact.  The levels of energy dissipation along the horizontal planes depend upon the roadway’s construction, i.e. asphalt, concrete, etc., among other considerations such as traffic patterns, and weather. . However the bulk of the energy is dissipated through vertical planes into the roadway sub-structures, i.e. bridge, sub-soil, etc.  Each moving vehicle also generates many significant energy waves, with wavelengths depending on such factors as tire features, design and conditions.


Imagine a world where sufficient energy is harvested from the dynamism and mass relativity of the immediate environment, (e.g. heat pumps and swamp coolers) .  


“On the continuum of energy combustion is the wheel, nuclear fusion is space craft, DSE’s are the middle ground.”


Mass momentum represents a tremendous untapped source of dynamic state energy. Just as 17th century farmers viewed petroleum as an un-wanted nuisance, the days of energy from mass momentum can arrive with your vision.  


GSE technologies are a game-changer, in helping to move society to practical “base” DSE modes.  The transient or intermittent nature of traditional DSE, such as wind or solar, limit their application to many simple practical applications such as signage, or lighting.  GSE DSE technology is by contrast, demand based and demand generated base energy. 


Coal is popular because of its ubiquity not its efficiency, or effectiveness.


GSE technologies as either adjunct or alternative to grid based, or more ephemeral DSEs can make our world better.  More economical and safer than fuel, more economical and reliable than wind or solar, and unrivalled  in providing increased reliability of power when power is required, thereby drastically reducing dependence on either energy storage or transmission.


Gravity is base energy!  GSE DSE’s can tap this base, and allow man to fear cold, dark, or the windless longer.



What markets can GSE DSE technologies address?

GSE primary DSE technology are PEC (pressure energy conversion) based.  The continuum of PEC applications ranges from temporary traffic management devices to methods of roadway construction with engineered materials.


GSE PEC technologies can be employed as either energy efficiency/energy generation, or as energy harvesting devices depending on configuration.


Figure 2 Temporary Roadway PEC

PEC based DSE technologies when employed on or retrofitted into the surface of the roadway, are easy to implement as modified speed bumps.  These devices which represent a significant portion of our ready-for-sale production are inexpensive to manufacture, extremely durable, and effective.


However, the most exciting markets for GSE PEC based technologies are in large scale environmental applications. Since we have begun to market specific applications packages, for large scale environmental challenges, traffic on our website has increased 10 fold.  Large scale applications, like drought or air pollution mitigation, will have significant startup inertia, in feasibility studies, demonstration projects, environmental impact studies, and legislative hurdles.  DOE [department of energy] officials have asked us to generate grassroots support in affected areas.  We have begun this process by lobbying local legislators, community, and religious leaders.


PEC is as fertile as an engineer�s imagination.


Our PEC based R-series pumps and compressors are designed and marketed for roadway construction crews to employ for safety, local power generation in the form of compressed air, and for managing seepage during flood conditions.  


Case study: PEC Pumps: Roadways present obstacles to the natural hydrology.  During heavy rains water collects on one side of roadways which traverse natural flow paths.   Water seeps into and compromises the substructure and surface of the road, super-saturates large agricultural patches, and affects aquifer replenishment.  After multiple days of heavy rain, local DOT crews place GSE roadway pumps at key points thereby employing normal traffic patterns to re-balance local hydrology.  The GSE temporary pumps aid in both ground-water mobility and introduce essential caution into traffic.


GSE PECs, can be engineered for a variety of applications.  PECs engineered to implement an exponential decay of traffic speed, can be employed on accident prone freeway ramps, and toll plazas.  Many serious accidents could be avoided, and the redirected energy captured by the PECs could be locally employed to operate signage, or access barriers.


Installed at railway crossings, PEC based DSEs can effectively eliminate one of the most troubling railway crossing problems, by providing safety device power from the vehicles the system is designed to protect.  


Case study: PEC Crash amelioration:  Exponential Speed Damps:  Toll plazas are popping up around the globe.  These isolated financial outposts have a special set of problems.  As the number of payment options increase, (i.e. electronic payments, automated attendants, and no-pay lanes), speed variability of the traffic increases the number of accidents especially during peak hours. Rear-end crashes, lane change side-swipes, pedestrian collisions, and crashes into the building itself have often doubled when payment complexity is introduced to toll plazas.  


Multiple instances of GSE RVSS Speed Spongestm  crash mitigation devices are installed in all lanes.  These devices target specific ranges of vehicle inertia (mass & velocity).  Vehicles which trigger the device are automatically slowed by a fixed percentage.  Vehicles which are below the target range experience only a gentle bump which is no more jarring than a new rumble strip.  The energy (inertia) removed from the targeted vehicles is used sound a directed horn designed to alert that driver.   The GSE devices are connected to a servo mechanism that allow an operator (human or automated) to adjust targeted levels given real time conditions at the plaza.  


After the initial test period the GSE units are connected to a compressed air storage system which drives a local generator.  Sufficient energy is stored during heavy traffic periods to operate the entire plaza,(lighting, signage, air-conditioning, communications, etc.) and many street lamps on the approach.  Both cooling and heating are provided by conduit equipped with switchable vortex diversion devices. In winter the compressed air generated by the R-SBC400 units warms  the roadway and toll booths, while in the summer the same system cools both roadways and toll booths.



PEC DSE technologies implemented directly into the roadway are purely energy efficiency devices, with only positive impacts on traffic, of greater traction and speed control.




GSE PEC's can redirect dynamic roadway pressure into fluid momentum, or gas compression.  


Piezoelectric devices are clear demonstrations of this phenomena, however, we have been able tap the fundamental force, similar to quantum tunneling to capture kinetic energy directly.  


We are researching pourable methods such as macro or nano scale capillary actions in materials such as a porous form of polytetrafluoroethylene are one promising method.  While a pourable multi-layered PRN (Positive doped, Resilient, Negative doped) mat, when combined with flexible road surfaces, can provide highly efficient energy conversions, combined with low construction and maintenance costs..  


Roadways fitted with integrated PEC technologies convert 85-90% of dissipated energy into useful energy, as opposed to the 20-30% efficiency of piezoelectric devices, at 1/10 the cost of original construction and maintenance.


The highest  efficiency is gained when the PEC is a part of new roadway construction. GSE appliances can effectively divert long-term road way maintenance costs into increasingly valuable energy.  PEC DSE technologies provide local energy that eliminates both transmission costs and vulnerabilities.  


If  GSE PECs powered the street lights during a structurally destructive earthquake,  terrified motorists would not be forced to navigate dark and dangerous freeways, due to transmission failures. Vast stretches of roadway, and bridges could be heated to reduce ice formation, and puddling during rains.




PEC based DSE technology can also be an energy  harvesting method removing energy from cars, truck, trains, aircraft, or spacecraft. GSE designs employ this mode as the “Speed Sponge”..   GSE "speed sponge" technology converts momentum into perpendicular flows of kinetic energy.  


 We estimate that speed sponge technology can reduce the cost of airport construction by 10%,  aircraft carrier production by 15%, and cut secure embassy construction costs by a 20-30%.


Where is GSE going?


GSE DSE technologies represent a tremendous opportunity for mankind, and for America.   Our fundamental view of energy has spawned the devices briefly described here, as well as others, some of which are listed on our website.   A few other promising devices that we need applied R&D funding to pursue, include parking lot hydro, and our PRS [pressure to rotation system] designed for deep ocean energy generation.  Deep water PEC


Our plan is to market and perfect the production of our R-series [PEC], and S-series devices to fund our further R&D efforts.  Our greatest challenge is time, hundreds of articles have been written about systems that we have developed.  We have received research support inquires from the nuclear commission of India, science researchers in France and Australia, student projects inquires from Brazil.  While in both the UK and Canada entrepreneurs have tried to capitalize on our designs, with limited success.   These people have found it difficult to implement our devices, in my opinion, because they lacked a fundamental understanding of the PEC DSE model.  


In Dr. Gibbs-Sauder’s, a noted physicist, excellent primer on nanotechnology,  she described the effects of PEC technology in a child’s shoes.  She embraced only the energy potentials of the compression of the shoe soles, which represents a small fraction of the energy transfer.   GSE designs seek to harvest the bulk of the energy which is dissipated into the earth under the shoe.


 And yet this confusion will not last.  As energy prices continue to climb, more capable and better capitalized groups will begin to introduce viable products.   The reality that we face, is that if someone is able to build a brand on these principles they will generate a tremendous production advantage that will be difficult to overcome.


How can you help to move this technology forward?


An early stage or angel investment could aid GSE in a number of ways.    Our needs are straightforward, highly audit-able, and easily conceivable.   First, the support of  smart investors will assist GSE in the critical initial stages of technology evaluation by potential  municipal and commercial customers.  Many state DOT (department of transportation) have established acceptance paths which are expensive to complete.  Demonstration projects, independent lab analysis, and extensive engineering consultation are just a few of the expensive hurdles.  We estimate these costs to range from $500-900K for the first 2-3 acceptance projects.  Subsequent acceptance hurdles will be a lot cheaper, as the independent lab analysis, and usage data will be readily employed.    


Second, to kick start our longer term R&D efforts we need a mix of funds for personnel, facilities,  and supplier development.  With a initial grant or investment of $5 million USD, we would build the necessary R&D capacity to perfect the production of first level PEC based devices, and bring them to market with demonstration projects.   Over the past few years transportation departments have expressed interest in such demonstration projects from Delaware, Minnesota, and California.  


We have been working on the technology for over a decade.  We were setback for a few years by the 9/11 attacks, and only re-started our marketing and funding efforts about 2 years ago.  During the hiatus we worked on our long-term marketing plan, INdRA, and got up to speed on quantum mechanics and nano-technology, mostly through MIT open university courses.


We introduced our product line on our website about 1 year ago, because we are determined to see that this elegant and essential technology is successful.  Investors at this stage will allow us to cut years off of our development and marketing, and the rewards will be fantastic.


We realize that as with all startup we face tremendous challenges.  Yet the successful business development experience of our core crew, combined with the vastness of the markets that we are pioneering effectively reduce the risk to any investor.  We are currently filling orders from Africa, the middle east, and Asia, and each month new order inquires come from our website.   Our website is now hosting over 100 unique visitors each day from all corners of the globe.   We represent an exciting new future....come along.


I hope that you will consider us favorably.


Thank you for your consideration.


Garee Henderson,Ph.D. AD,PM Director of R&D




GSE Gravitational Systems Engineering, Inc.