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GSE Gravitational Systems Engineering, Inc.  
Dense Environmental Energy


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Drought Mitigation
Wildfire Mitigation
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Sales & Payment Conditions:

Engineering & Support:

1. Each application package is engineered to provide the rated performance.
2. GSE will provide full engineering support via telephone & internet for all packages.
3. GSE will provide up 25 hours of on-site engineering and installation support with each package.
4. All device interfaces are 1.5", alternative  connectors are available .
5. All piping, conduit, and storage are the responsibility of the customer.


1. Shipping in the US will be via common carrier, or internationally via sea-freight at the customers expense.
2. All orders are subject to credit review, and may require  a non-cancellable deposit.
3. Default terms are FOB New York, New York, or Los Angeles US.  2/10 net 30

4. Letters of credit accepted : Irrevocable from bank with US offices

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