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GSE are consulting engineers focusing upon the application of non-traditional energy flows to current engineering challenges.  Look at our solutions relative to your engineering challenges. If you have an engineering challenge that has no cost effective solution employing conventional energy sources...Ask us to help you develop and alternative solution.

Question:  What are the irreducible source of  fossil fuels?

Answer: 60% of the energy in fossil fuels is stored gravity. The balance is a mix of sunlight and chemical reaction. (This view is at odds with the traditional view of fossil fuels as decayed dinosaurs)

GSE manufacturers cutting edge grid independent industrial and municipal scale generators, pumps, compressors, and crashers. GSE devices are unique dense energy solutions that can significantly increase your organizations energy resilience, and allowing your operations to become grid and fuel supply independent.  GSE devices are competitive options to solar pumps, solar water pumps, water pumps, well pumps, pressure pumps and water pumps & compressors in general.


Our line of clean technology dense energy devices will provide you with; 


Increased cost-effectiveness

Greater reliability

Lower maintenance costs

Energy resilient

Greater flexibility

Increased safety

Grid Independent

Question: Why is solar an inadequate solution for 70% of industrial point local applications?

Answer:  Average density of sunlight is 250 W / m2. It would take 100 acres of solar panels to replace the energy provided by one CITGO Station.

GSE is the market maker and key innovator of vibrationAlternative energy, reliable energy, energy from gravity, environmental energy, energy from vibration, energy from atmospheric heat, energy from deep water, energy from vehicle movement & momentum powered devices and systems. Vibration & momentum/inertia powerAutomobile bump pump/compressor is the waste energy of heavy traffic flows. We will provide you with dense clean reliable power, with zero fuel or grid costs, from the waste energy that is now destroying your roadways, parking lots, and even shop floors.

Alternative energy, reliable energy, energy from gravity, environmental energy, energy from vibration, energy from atmospheric heat, energy from deep water, energy from vehicle movementCompared to traditional and alternative energy powered devices, GSE momentum powered devices will save money, and make impossible energy intensive solutions, like environmental remediation, possible. Review our products, Frequently Asked Questions, and our applications. You will find that our products can allow you to launch your organization into a brave new world of cost effective, dense, grid & fuel independent, reliable power.

GSE backs all of its products with full money back guarantees, insurance bonding, utility rebate tie-ins, and promotional pilot programs that will make your transition to the new age of distributive power risk free.

Question: How is industrial electrical energy generated?

Answer: By modulating a magnetic field.

We have developed many exciting application packages, many which are designed to work with geothermal sources, which are covered in depth in our applications sections.

With GSE and clean green grid independent energy  from traffic vibration or momentum power, impossible applications become not only possible, but state-of-the-art best practices.  GSEdevices can provide the dense green energy for formerly improbable environmental applications, such as;

Regional Drought Mitigation, Drought Abatement

Air Pollution Mitigation

Atmospheric Water Generation

Local Desalination

Aquifer Restoration and Rehabilitation

Municipal water elevation & tap pressure

Hydrological Balancing


Annimation of energy diffusion from moving vehicles.Stakeholders are under served without seriously considering grid independent vibration or momentum/inertia energy.

GSEdense energy devices are the only cleantech power sources with the reliability, cost-effectiveness, and energy density required by 70% of industrial & commercial applications. Compare the costs, using traditional fuels or alternative energy sources, of the following applications which are made viable by GSE devices;


Grid & fuel free gas/air compression

Green powered cooling towers

Grid & Fuel independent powered geothermal circulation

Parking lot de-icing and pavement cooling

Grid independent roadway lighting and signage

Speed bump free parking lot speed control

Customer powered backup systems

Renewable energy climate controllers

Green energy Robotic flood barriers

Grid & Fuel independent water desalination

We have detailed pro-formas' which directly compare the costs of GSEsolutions to either grid, fuel, or solar implementations.   We will, on your request, also generate a free report tailored to your industry and current circumstances, just contact our engineering department.

Our industrial mission is to help industrial and municipal concerns reduce their carbon footprints and dependence on fuels and grid power. Our social mission is to help communities to end persistent droughts, to clean up air pollution, and to reduce societal reliance on risky and costly infrastructure projects.

Compare our green energy solutions side by side to other alternative energy sources ... Give us a good look, and remember that you now have the power to make your part of the world a better place with momentum power and GSE.


GSE devices include hundreds of patented or patent pending methods, which provide the performance levels described.


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